FAQ for JCT Exporters

FAQ for JCT Exporters





Answer: Please register your company at our portal website free of cost.

Please click here https://www.japanesecartrade.com/exporter_registration.php

Please click here https://info.japanesecartrade.com/content-item/392-how-to-join-jct

Answer: If you are already free member, please contact us to join as paid membership. We will send you invoice of paid membership fee and upon confirmation of payment, we will upgrade your membership.

Answer: Please check below link for full comparison of Free and Paid Membership. https://info.japanesecartrade.com/content-item/382-japanese-features
Answer: Please let us know your interested type of paid membership (Premium/Gold).

We will issue a invoice to make payment to upgrade to paid membership.

Answer: If you are free member and want to remove your company, please inform by email. If you are a paid member and want to discontinue, we can do upon your request of if you do not renew on expiry, it will degrade from paid to free membership.

Answer: JCT never charge any commission or transaction fee on your buy/sale of vehicle. We charge only nominal annual membership fee for Premium or Gold Membership to provide buyers inquiries. All deals are directly between buyer and seller.

Answer: Please check all JCT Premium Members benefits at below link :


Answer: You can login control panel and update your company information yourself except certain information like email id, website, telephone and mobile number. To update this information, please contact us.

JCT have below priority to show company listings :.

  • 1st priority Premium Members
  • 2nd priority Gold Members
  • Last priority Free Members

In this sequence, we have 4 different ways to show listing equal chance to each category of type of membership.

  • A. Alphabetical (A-Z and Z-A).
  • B. Oldest members / recent members
  • C. Most Stock / Least Stock
  • D. Most Viewed / Least Viewed





Answer: If we receive any inquiry for your stock data, we will send on your registered email. If you are paid member, you will get all buyers inquiries with full contact information. If free member, you will get inquiry without buyers contact information and can reply to buyers from our portal site.
Answer: Paid members can send their message to 30 dealers per day on JCT after login.
Answer: JCT never charge per inquiry cost and we not restrict on number of inquiries if stock prices are realistic. If too low prices meant to generate leads will automatically remove these vehicle prices by our system.

Answer: General inquiries other that stock inquiries. JCT getting every month around 500~600 general and auction inquiries. We send all these general inquiries to all our paid members.

Answer: JCT does not restrict for number of stock inquiries. Stock inquiries depend upon number of stock data, type of cars, prices advertised on JCT.
Answer: JCT does not send buyers contact information of inquiries of free members stock. Free member have to send reply of inquiry through our portal site from given link in inquiry.

Answer: JCT show inquiries form for paid members stock. Buyers have to login to send inquiries for free members stock data.
Answer: We are getting inquiries from all over the world. We send every month reports to all our members about number of inquiries and top 10 inquiries.



You can register your company on JCT and upload vehicles Free Of Cost.

Answer: If you are not yet JCT member, first register your company and get your login id and password to upload your stock data. As a free member you can upload upto 20 cars. If you are JUMVEA / SLAAJ member, you can upload upto 100 cars.

Please check our detail guide page about this: https://info.japanesecartrade.com/content-item/391-how-to-manage-stock

Answer: We can import any stock data from your homepage automatically through XML. Please check below link for how to prepare XML file on your homepage:


Answer: If you join as paid member, we have two options :

  1. We can make FREE HOMEPAGE to advertise stock on your own website.
  2. We can make display output to use as your subdomain. Please contact us.

Answer: Yes, you can upload your stock data of TCV CSV file or similar format. Please check our below link for CSV file format or provide us your CSV file and we will help you to import data on JCT.

Answer: Yes you can download of CSV and XML file from JCT control panel for your own use.
Answer: Number of stock can advertise as per type of membership:

  1. Free Membership : 20 units
  2. Free Membership : 250 units (JUMVEA / SLAAJ)
  3. Gold Membership : 500 units
  4. Premium Membership : 1500 units

Answer: Members stock will display for following days and after that member’s have to update stock or enter again.

  • Premium Members : 180 days
  • Gold Members : 180 days
  • Free Members : 60 days

Answer: JCT does not showing prices for free members stock and also showing in bottom of each search results. Users have to login to see the prices and send inquiries.
Answer: JCT always showing paid members stock data on priority. All free members stock showing in bottom of each search results.
Answer: Please check below link to upload, edit, delete of your stock data on JCT.




Answer: JapaneseCarTrade.com is associate IT partner of JUMVEA. All stock data of JUMVEA members is displayed through JCT and whatever inquiries comes from stock, JCT forward to respective seller with full buyers contact detail.
Answer: JCT offers a special discount on paid membership and FREE English HomePage to JUMVEA members. JUMVEA members can advertise upto 250 units on JapaneseCarTrade.com and if you are safe trade member, each stock will advertise as JUMVEA safe trade logo. JCT always welcome to JUMVEA members to advertise stock on JCT.
Answer: JCT always recommend and promote JUMVEA SAFE TRADE among all overseas buyers for 100% payment security. All safe trade members stock data showing safe trade logo for security to buyers. This logo increase sales of stock data.
Answer: JCT have relations with JUMVEA (Japan Used Motors Vehicle Exporters Association) for last more than a decade. JUMVEA homepage developed and managed by JCT and also all stock data display through JCT for mutual benefits between JUMVEA and JCT.
Answer: JCT have relations with SLAAJ (Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association in Japan) since establishment. SLAAJ homepage developed and managed by JCT and also all stock data display through JCT for mutual benefits between SLAAJ and JCT.



Answer: JCT is never involved any kind of buy/sale of any vehicle. JCT only provide advertisement platform.

Answer: We advertise JCT and members company and their stock on all type of social media. Please check all our below social media links :
Answer: JapaneseCarTrade.com attract more than 250,000 unique visitors every month and also gets huge traffic from our other network websites.
Answer: JCT send all inquiries to paid members with full buyer's contact detail. So all deals are directly between buyer and exporter. We never interfere in your business. Our most of members are continue with us for last more than 10 years. They are continue with us because they are getting business.

Answer: You may contact at 24 x 7 x 365 at below:

Contact : P K Bansal

Mobile : +81-80-3380-4414 (Japan)

Mobile : +91-98289-47500 (India)

Answer: JCT advertise on all most all social media. Please check below links:

For Membership Invoice please contact us. https://www.facebook.com/JCTJapan/

Answer: JCT Free homepage offer is for JUMVEA members. Please check below link for detail information :


Answer: We are under development of Japanese Language control panel. We will upload once complete the system.

Answer: We invite all members to join JCT to advertise their company and stock data even if they do not have english homepage. Members can use their company personal homepage on JCT to increase their export business worldwide.
Answer: JCT provide a great chance to get a FREE HOMEPAGE (English) to promote their export business worldwide. We believe in long terms relation with our members. Many members are taking benefit of our free homepage offer.

Please check below url for detail information: https://info.japanesecartrade.com/content-item/328-free-website-offer



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