Flexible Price Plans for JCT Membership

Flexible Price Plans for JCT Membership

Flexible Price Plans for JCT Membership

Flexible Price Plans for all types of business categories and budgets

Effective From 1st October 2017

We have got price plans suiting to all business categories and budgets. For example: Your Company is dealing only in Bus Category. You may go for the 2nd Price Plan where you can upload all type of Buses like small bus & large bus.

As per 2nd Bus Category Plan, you can upload 750 Bus units and will cost you JPY 150,000 for 1 Year. General (non-stock) inquiries will be sent only for Bus Category. There will be no Cars, Vans, Truck, Machinery or Parts inquiries.

We recommend the Combo Offer, as it has more stock upload limit which means more stock inquiries also wider category range including Cars, Buses, Trucks, Machinery, Parts etc.


S.No. Business Category
Premium Membership
Number of Stock Price JPY(Yearly)
Gold Membership
Number of Stock Price JPY(Yearly)
1 Cars (Sedan, SUV, Hatchback, Wagon, Van etc) 750 300,000 250 120,000
2 Bus (All types of Buses) 750 150,000 250 60,000
3 Trucks (All type of Trucks including mini trucks). 750 150,000 250 60,000
4 Machinery (Exacavator, Forklift, Tractor, Farming etc.) 750 100,000 250 50,000
5 Bikes (all type of bikes, scooty, two wheelers) 750 50,000 250 25,000
6 Parts & Others (All type of parts, engines, half cut, medical equipment, bicycle, electronics etc.) 750 50,000 250 25,000
7 Only General Inquiries (Non-Stock) 0 180,000 0 75,000
8 Only Stock Inquiries (No General Inquiries) 750 180,000 500 75,000
9 Combo Offer (1 to 6) All Categories 1500 360,000 500 150,000
  JUMVEA / SLAAJ Members Discount is only on Combo offer for any type of Membership   40,000   20,000
  Inquiries Stock + General Inquiries* Stock + General Inquiries*


All rates are for 12 Months
*General Inquiries for Premium/Gold will be forwarded according to industry


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