New Delica D:5 All-round Minivan Goes on Sale

New Delica D:5 All-round Minivan Goes on Sale

Mitsubishi launch the New Delica D:5 all-round minivan


Mitsubishi Delica
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announces the launch New Delica D:5 all-round minivan at affiliated dealerships nationwide in Japan. Manufacturer's recommended retail prices range from ¥3,842,640 to ¥4,216,320 (incl. consumption tax).

The exterior of the new Delica D:5 uses MMC's Dynamic Shield front design concept with vertical multi-function LED headlights that makes the vehicle immediately recognizable.

Inside, a new horizontal-line dashboard which combines function and openness adds to the elegance feeling of the interior. Equipped with the e-Assist active safety technology package, which includes Forward Collision

Mitigation (FCM) System, the new Delica D:5 offers improved safety performance. In addition, the powertrain delivers more powerful, quieter and smoother driving performance, thanks to an improved diesel engine to a new 8-speed sport mode automatic transmission.

The new Delica D:5 URBAN GEAR variant uses solid and clean-lined chrome bar grille and wide-look front bumper in a refined and modern design that targets customers looking for a more cosmopolitan taste. The Delica series celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Over the years, it has established a reputation as an all-round minivan which combines the MPV and SUV features in a unique way to Mitsubishi. The Delica series has been affectionately owned as a vehicle extending adventure horizons and creating leisure time that customers can enjoy with family and friends. As one of MMC's core models in the Japanese domestic market, in recent years the Delica series has been one of the prime movers in company sales. The New Delica D:5 is available in diesel engine only. The current Delica D:5 model equipped with gasoline engine will review the equipment contents and remain in the lineup.



Front View:

Mitsubishi Delica
A new-generation dynamic shield design equipped with "multi LED head light" that feels a sense of breadth and sense of stability with sense of stability. Improved irradiation function by arranging it at a height that is not dazzling. Headlights with multiple LEDs arranged vertically. (Inside: 4 high beams outside: 5 low beams). Active design designed to express the functionality and stability of the SUV as it flows from the front. Light guiding LED tail lamp emphasizing wide feeling and continuity. Front design which finished the active style of the standard car further into an urban and sophisticated image. Simple plating front grill with extruded feeling like solid metal of metal. Front bumper dedicated to URBAN GEAR (aero type) that produces wide sense and stability.


Space Design:

Instrument panel is horizontal design "Horizontal Axis" design easy to grasp the body posture even on rough roads. Large switches, large-sized display also features Delica seems to continue to stick to full-fledged outdoor performance. And, in the cabin, we adopted fine decorative materials such as soft pads and stitches that touched the comfort of people touching, and woodgraining panels. Not only to move but also directs a comfortable space to relax by staying there. Expression of powerfulness and dynamism with geometric pattern with movement conscious of outdoor. Embossed with irregular lamination was applied, it made it a strong and fine tailoring. On the side we
Mitsubishi Delica D:5
adopted a brushed fabric with good texture. Adopted genuine leather which boldly applied three-dimensional diamond quilting. It produced authentic authenticity unique to advanced grades and a luxurious sense of dignity.
 (G-Power Package, manufacturer option to P, manufacturer set option to G).



Mitsubishi Delica D:5
2. 2 L common rail type DI - D clean diesel turbo engine with big torque appeal. Various improvements that refine its efficiency make it possible to increase the maximum torque, realize a powerfulness that is suitable for the new Delica D: 5 and a high-quality engine feel. In addition, a urea SCR system that purifies exhaust gas cleanly is newly adopted, and environmental performance is also improved. The urea SCR system is a system for purifying nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted by diesel engines using a colorless and odorless liquid "AdBlue®" which is an aqueous solution of urea 32.5%. Nitrogen oxides are hazardous substances (NOx) ammonia
(NH ₃ be to chemically react with), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and decomposed into harmless nitrogen and water atmospheric emissions. It achieves both low fuel consumption and high output, and realizes clean exhaust gas. The 4WD system based on Mitsubishi's proprietary AWC (All Wheel Control) idea that maximizes the performance of all tires is installed. In the new Delica D: 5, it evolves to the electronically controlled 4WD which brings a more precise response to the driver 's steering wheel maneuvering newly, and demonstrates excellent running stability in every scene. Also, it inherits three modes that can be switched according to driving conditions. We select "4 WD Auto" which distributes driving force appropriately, "4 WD Lock" which can provide strong traction, "2 WD" good fuel economy, and realize diverse running. 



The new Delica D: 5 is equipped with a newly developed 8-speed A / T. By utilizing the maximum torque of the engine demonstrated at low revolution efficiently, we realized a better response. As well as starting, you can enjoy powerful acceleration while demonstrating powerful acceleration power, uphill and overtaking, you can enjoy comfortable driving. In addition, the sports mode is selected in the newly set M range, and shift change can be done quickly with the fingertip by paddle shift. The setting of the sports mode was kept even after stopping, and ease of use was also improved.


Mitsubishi Delica
Mitsubishi Delica




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