Daihatsu Release COPEN Coupe

Daihatsu Release COPEN Coupe

Daihatsu to Release COPEN Coupe Mini Sports Cars


Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) will release the 200 COPEN Coupe mini sports cars, with sales limited to 200 units. A pre-release version of the model will be exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019, while order applications from interested customers will be accepted via a dedicated website from January 11, 2019. Production and delivery of the vehicles are scheduled for April 2019 onward. Launched in June 2014, the COPEN is a mini convertible sports vehicle that utilizes a new D-Frame framework structure and Dress-Formation changeable interior and exterior
structure to realize impressive driving performance and to enable owners to express their individuality. It is available in three distinct designs: the COPEN Robe, the COPEN XPLAY, and the COPEN Cero. The COPEN has also been at the heart of “Love Local by Daihatsu” a series of activities aimed at creating Daihatsu fans and thereby contributed to enhancing the image of the Daihatsu brand.

The COPEN Coupe is a production version of the concept car that was exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. It received widespread praise after it was exhibited, leading Daihatsu to develop a production version to meet the expectations of its customers. Based on the COPEN Cero, the COPEN Coupe is a genuine coupe equipped with a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic hardtop. Designed on the themes of “elegance” and “emotiveness,” the car is characterized by a flowing exterior that unifies the entire vehicle, from its roof to its trunk and rear end. In addition, in fiscal 2019, the existing COPEN models will celebrate their fifth anniversaries, and Daihatsu intends to commemorate this milestone achievement. First, the company will exhibit the COPEN Cero Sport Premium Edition at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 to propose a new style, alongside the COPEN Coupe. Going forward, Daihatsu will also work together with its sales companies to proactively hold fan meetings in order to strengthen communications with its customers. In this way, the company will seek to use the COPEN to increase the number of Daihatsu fans through both MONODUKURI and KOTODUKURI activities.


Overview of the COPEN Coupe


  • Designed on the themes of “elegance” and “emotiveness,” the car is characterized by a flowing exterior that unites the entire vehicle from the roof to the trunk and rear end.

Specifications and equipment

  • The COPEN Coupe is a limited edition model, and will be available in a single grade with four different specifications.

  • The hardtop is made using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic—a lightweight yet sturdy material—while luggage can be loaded and unloaded using the retractable glass hatch.

  • A MOMO leather-wrapped steering wheel is equipped as standard (the CVT model comes with paddle shifters).

  • Front Super Limited Slip Differential gears, which increase stability while cornering, are equipped as standard*1 for improved driving performance.

  • BBS forged aluminum wheels are equipped as standard.

  • The COPEN Coupe uses eXeview, the world’s first auti-fogging glass (front glass with anti-fogging coating).

  • The COPEN Coupe is a limited edition model, and each vehicle will be given a unique serial number.



 Source: https://www.daihatsu.com/news/2018/20181219-4.pdf

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