New Kato Hydraulic Excavator HD1430-7


KATO WORKS CO., LTD. launches the conventional excavator HD1430-7 for the global market. It is mounted with an environment-friendly EU StageⅣ/EPA Tier4 Final compliant engine. The productivity and user-friendliness have also been enhanced with a new design and features. New control valve Operability enhancement resulting from the improvement of internal structure of the new control valve. Hydraulic fluid flow has been made efficient with the newly adopted bucket flow circuit.

Moreover, great reduction of pressure loss because of the adoption of the large diameter spool. It also contributes to reduction in fuel consumption. Minimization of energy loss, pressure loss reduction, optimization of every hydraulic piping all thanks to the increment of the piping diameter in front of the bucket and arm cylinder. Great improvement made on the cycle time: Implementation of dramatic improvement on work efficiency due to optimization of the hydraulic circuit also enhances its usability. At E-mode, it is also possible to operate at a speed equal to or faster than the P-mode of the previous model. (HD1430V). The KATO original cab is durable and of smart design.

The cab is compliant with ROPS safety standard (ISO 12117-2). It secures the safety and protection of the operator from roll-over over accident. The cab is also compliant with ISO 10262 (Top guard level Ⅰ) and protects the operator from falling objects.



  • The new Control Valve provides smooth operation.

  • The diameter of the hydraulic piping has been increased which realizes high productive operation.

  • The cycle time has been improved by 33 Percent (compared with the HD1430V).



  • An easily accessible cab maintenance space and a wide range main maintenance space are available.

  • The battery disconnect switch is available as a standard feature and provides safe electric maintenance.



  • The new ROPS cabin further enhances safety and provides a wider view.

  • With a new air-conditioner and cab structure, the cab pressurization and protection from dust are realized.

  • The poly carbonate provided to the door, protects the operator from various objects such as scattering stone.

  • A new engine start mechanism allows the engine to start, only when the safety lever is applied to lock position.

  • The ISO compliant handrail is provided and enables the operator to access the upper structure safer.

  • The standard Rear View Camera and optional Side View Camera secure a wide range view.


Comfortable and User-friendly

  • The air volume is increased by 26 Percent compared to the previous model.

  • A new operation lever decreases operation burden by 25 Percent with a new round shape grip.

  • With a wide color display and touch screen control, a new APC has been provided. Various information is available on the screen and also provides different types of functions e.g. enabling the operator to operate the air-conditioner via APC screen.





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