Upgraded Daihatsu Thor Compact Passenger Car

Upgraded Daihatsu Thor Compact Passenger Car

Upgraded Daihatsu Thor Compact Passenger Car


Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) has partially upgraded its Thor compact passenger car, and will release the new models nationwide on November 1. Launched in November 2016, the Thor is a compact passenger car that takes as its theme “connection with the family.” It is a compact-first car that is ideally suited to the daily lives of child-raising families. Utilizing the packaging technologies cultivated by Daihatsu via its development of mini vehicles, the Thor combines the ease of maneuvering of a mini vehicle with a spacious interior in a compact package. Following this partial upgrade, the Thor now comes equipped as standard with the Smart Assist III collision avoidance system which recognizes both pedestrians and vehicles as well as front and rear Corner Sensors for
improved safety performance.

Special-edition “Limited” grades have been added to both the Thor and Thor Custom line-ups at extremely attractive price points. Both models come equipped as standard with the Panorama Monitor, which uses four cameras to capture images of the front, rear, left and right sides of the vehicle to project a top-down view onto the TFT Color Multi-Information Display or navigation screen, as well as the “Comfortable Pack,” which includes highly popular seat-back tables. As a result of these features, the Limited grades enable customers to enjoy driving in comfort and with peace of mind. The Thor G Limited SA III grade now boasts a more stylish and higher-quality design through the use of plated air-conditioner register nobs, plated inner door handles, and a center cluster panel and door trim in Piano Black paint with silver ornamentation. The Limited grade is also available in the Two-Tone color schemes previously seen only on Custom grades, thereby increasing customer color options. Based on its “Light you up” approach, going forwards Daihatsu will continue to provide optimal mobility to every one of its customers, and cater to their needs via its extended range of mini and compact vehicles.


Overview of partial redesign

  • All three models are available with the Smart Assist III collision avoidance system. As part of measures to reduce traffic accidents, the Japanese government is promoting the spread of “Safety Support Car S,” and the Thor fulfills the requirements for the “Wide” ranking under this system.

  • All two models are equipped with Front and Rear Corner Sensors.

  • The body color options and grade system have been overhauled.



 Source: https://www.daihatsu.com/news/2018/20181101-2.pdf

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