Marussia Motors

Marussia Motors

Marussia Motors


Nikolai Fomenko

Moscow, Russia


Marussia Motors was a Russian sports car company founded in 2007. It was the first Russian company to produce a supercar. It designed, and manufactured prototypes of both the B1 and the B2 sport cars. Marussia was led by former motor racer Nikolai Fomenko. The Marussia B1 was launched in December 2008 in the new Manege hall in Moscow. In 2010, it acquired a "significant stake" in the Virgin Racing Formula One team, which was later renamed Marussia F1. The team competed in F1 from 2012 to 2014. In April 2014, the Marussia Motors company was disbanded, with staff leaving to join a government-run technical institute. The Marussia F1 team continued unaffected as a British entity, independent of the Russian car company. However, on 7 November 2014 the administrator announced that the F1 team had ceased trading.

Marussia Motors produces automobiles of modular type with unified platform and changeable bodies. Most of design, structural and technological solutions are own developments of Marussia Motors company. All production is passing through Russian and European certification. At present vehicle line includes sporty coupe GT, type B1 and B2. Presentation of the first automobile Marussia B1 took place on 16 December 2008 in New Manezh in Moscow, Marussia B1 had flattering assessments of automobile experts and enthusiastic response in Russian and foreign MSM. Marussia B2 debut was on the 63-d International fair in September 2009 and it was appreciable event in automobile world.

Marussia coupe is one of the most rapid serial vehicles in modern car industry, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h only for 3.2 sec. In April 2010 Company starts to produce Marussia cars with crossover body F1 & F2. The first car variant will represent sport-utilitarian off-road vehicle in luxe design. The second SUV would be an example of reliable, unpretentious and modern vehicle for army, for Emergency Situation Ministry, for fire stations and other stations of quick response. Marussia Motors company's purpose is a development of modern domestic automobiles of high class and ensuring conditions for innovative break in Russian car industry. 



Marussia B1:

Sports coupe Marussia В1 is the car, which opens new page in the history of domestic motor industry. More precisely, it is the car which commences the history of the Russian sports cars actually. The presentation of project Marussia and the car with body В1 took place on the December 16th, 2008 in «New Manezh» hall in Moscow. The emotional original design, the sports habit set by powerful and effective engine, wide range of the entertaining equipment distinguishes Marussia В1 among the most beautiful sports cars of the present. This GT coupe is perfect
from the point of view of technologies and is ideal from the point of view of design. Terrible force beauty – the characteristic put in it base complete set.


Marussia B2:

The model of two-seat coupe Marussia В2 is a logic stage of the project on creation of the first domestic sports car. Marussia B2 is a brilliant acknowledgement of innovative essence of the project on creation of the "modular" car with replaceable bodies. The car shows the success of the idea on manufacture of unique, various and distinct models on the basis of a universal platform. This model also, as well as Marussia В1, has a pronounced character
and habits of a pure sports car. At car development it was actively used Nikolay Fomenko's sports experience, the well-known Russian racer, the master of sports of the international class, the prize-winner of the World championship in N-GT races.




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