Marlin Sportscars Limited

Marlin Sportscars Limited

Marlin Sportscars Ltd.


Paul Moorhouse

Crediton, Devon, England, UK

Marlin is a British sports car manufacturer founded in 1979 in Plymouth as Marlin Engineering and now located in Crediton, Devon, England. The company was founded by Paul Moorhouse, who, after building a series of one off cars for his own use decided to put one into production as a kit car. The first kits were sold in 1979. The first product was the Roadster which remained in the line up until sold, along with the Berlinetta, to Yorkshire Kit Cars (YKC) in 1992 who kept them in production until the owner retired in 2006 and sold them on to Aquila Sports Cars Ltd. In the mid 1990s the company was sold to Terry and Mark Matthews who introduced the Hunter model. In 2016, Marlin bought Avatar Sports Cars to primarily build roadsters.

We are, for example, one of a small group of specialist sports car manufacturers, along with Morgan, TVR and Caterham, to be listed in the British motor industry bible, the Glass’s Guide. Marlin has produced unique, exciting sports cars, fully-built and in self-assembly form, at its Devon factory since the mid-Nineties. For those with more traditional tastes, there’s the Marlin Sportster, with its unique mix of classic roadster styling and sophisticated BMW performance. It takes the exhilarating nimbleness of the Caterhams and Westfields and fuses it with the roomier, touring car appeal of classics like Morgan. Being a specialist, bespoke manufacturer means Marlin builds a sports car the way it should be  just the way you want it. So as well as choosing colour and trim details (anything from a stripped-out trackday car to a luxurious leather-trimmed tourer), you can also talk to us about engine options and suspension set-ups for road, trackdays or motorsport. The Marlin 5EXi is a modern, lightweight, mid-engined sports car powered by various VW models. With its spaceframe chassis, up to 450+bhp, and independent wishbone suspension, the Marlin 5EXi is a modern alternative to models like the Lotus & MG style cars. And it regularly gives them, and more expensive production sports cars like Ferraris, Porsches, Caterhams and Westfields a run for their money in the prestigious GT Championship at Castle Combe circuit.



Marlin Sportster:

Marlin Sportster is a real sports car you can live with. it’s a real sports car at first glance. Those no-nonsense retro lines combine with an aggressive stance and distinctive Marlin attention to detail to produce a car that stands apart from the mainstream masses. A real sports car has to perform and under the Sportster’s lightweight aluminium panels, there’s a smooth and powerful BMW powertrain – front-mounted straight six engine and precision five-speed gearbox driving the rear wheels. Opt for the uncompromising M3 engine and the Sportster delivers 450/bhp ton and
a 0-60 of under four seconds. Working with the finely balanced chassis, wishbone front suspension and BMW rear-end, with all-round disc brakes, it produces a fast, confident and comfortable ride in all conditions.


Marlin 5EXi:

THE Marlin EXi is the ultimate sports car for the true individual. Ultralight, mid-engined and powered by Vauxhalls or Honda’s finest engines, it combines exhilarating performance and finely-tuned, responsive handling in a real driver’s car. Hand-built for each individual customer, every finely-engineered detail of the EXi is tailored to your precise requirements. its motorsport breeding, hand-built pedigree and self-build options, Marlin’s EXi is the modern alternative to the more traditional Lotus Seven copies and the high-quality finish and fine attention to detail makes it a natural choice for the driving enthusiast who wants his car to stand apart from mainstream production cars.


Marlin Berlinetta:

The Berlinetta was launched in 1983 version using Ford Cortina Mk III or IV parts. Of those who had bought Roadsters originally, some now wanted more room for offspring and partners who also wanted to enjoy the fun of the Marlin.

So 1983 saw the introduction of the Ford Cortina (later, Sierra) based Berlinettas as a 2+2 coupe. This came complete with previously unheard of luxuries such as wind-up windows, a lockable boot and a hardtop option.


Marlin Sportscars:



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