Ultima Sports Limited, England

Ultima Sports Limited, England

Ultima Sports Ltd.


Ted Marlow and Richard Marlow

Hinckley, Leicestershire, England


Ultima Sports Ltd. is a sports car manufacturer based in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England. Founded in 1992 by Ted Marlow and Richard Marlow, Ultima Sports Ltd manufacture and distribute worldwide the Ultima Evolution supercar. The current Evolution is available in two body styles coupe and convertible. The Ultima Evolution Coupe and Ultima Evolution Convertible have body styles unchanged from the preceding Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am models respectively. Prior to the GTR and Can-Am models, the two models produced were the Ultima Sport and Ultima Spyder. All models in the Ultima range have always been primarily supplied in component form. That is, Ultima produces the parts required for an owner/builder to construct the car off-site. This is the only way to receive such a vehicle in the USA (including a 'rolling body' fully constructed minus engine and transmission). However cars are also manufactured onsite as "turnkey" models for the European market.




The first Ultima produced was the Ultima Mk1 produced in 1983 by Lee Noble of Noble Motorsports Ltd. The car was intended to go into production, but only one was produced because before any sold, the Ultima Mk2 was introduced in 1989. The Mk2 is based on the Mk1 but features new suspension and better brakes. The car was very successful on track, winning many races and taking multiple championship wins in smaller series, being driven by Lee Noble and Ted Marlow. It was featured on the covers of Kitcars and Specials magazine, Sports Car Monthly Magazine and Autochromes Magazine. 13 Ultima Mk2s were produced in total. The Ultima Mk3 introduced in 1989 featured a brand new fiberglass body but was still powered by the same PRV V6. It was the last Ultima produced by Noble Motorsports Ltd before Ted Marlow and Richard Marlow bought the rights to the car in 1992 and started Ultima Sports.

The Ultima Mk1 had a square tube space frame chassis, Ford Cortina front uprights/brakes/steering, Austin Princess radiator and Renault front uprights/brakes on the rear. The V6 engine and transmission were taken from a Renault 30. Before any Mk1 cars were sold, the Ultima Mk2 was developed using 99% of the Ultima Mk1 demonstrator car, but with the problematic Renault rear suspension replaced with Noble Motorsports’ own alloy uprights. These were machined to accept Renault wheel bearings and Lancia Beta rear brakes. The Ultima MK2 is featured in a promotional article and photoshoot in Sports Car Monthly Magazine alongside a genuine Porsche 956 race car. The company goal was to produce a complete affordable supercar to be supplied in component form to an exceptional quality utilising all new purpose designed components for home assembly and that it would primarily be a road car. No donor parts from breakers yards were to be used again. Not only would be the Ultima be capable of being faster than any other road car available, but the design would now
allow a relatively construction that would enable customers with no previous experience to build their own supercar at a fraction of the cost of any others.

 The new company introduced a revised design to make the Ultima more road orientated and civilised including a five speed Porsche G50 transaxle, an air conditioning option, improved headlights, luggage compartments, gas ram assisted doors, weather seals, lockable doors, handbrake, adjustable suspension, improved ride quality, provision in loom for CD player etc., wiper system, fog lights and trim options. New model to replace the Ultima Sports, designated the Ultima GTR. The design changes focused on increasing the aerodynamic down force, enhancing the engineering integrity, complying with the latest regulations and improving the ease of build for home assembly over that of the Ultima Sports. The Ultima GTR was to be a much more refined car, with a greater performance potential than the Ultima Sports it was to replace. The bodywork was designed in house to full scale. Many lines were tried before the final shape was established.


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