Kiira Motors Corporation, Uganda

Kiira Motors Corporation, Uganda

Kiira Motors Corporation


Sandy Stevens Tickodri-Togboa (Executive Chairman), Paul Isaac Musasizi (Chief Executive Officer)

Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda


Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) is an Automotive Manufacturing Company incorporated by Government of Uganda and Makerere University to champion value addition in the Domestic Automotive Industry for job creation and diversification of the economy. Kiira Motors, a brainchild of Makerere University, is supported through the Presidential Initiative for Science and Technology Innovation to champion Value Addition in the Domestic Automotive Industry for job creation and diversification of the economy. Government of Uganda, acting through Uganda Investment Authority, allocated 100 acres of land at the Jinja Industrial and Business Park for the establishment of the Kiira Vehicle Plant.



The KMC journey dates back to 2007 evolving from an extra-curricular activity under the auspices of then Makerere University Faculty of Technology, to a university curricular activity and later a mainstream national initiative for automotive manufacturing. In 2007, a global consortium of over 31 universities and colleges across the world took part in a Vehicle Design Summit (VDS) to design and bring to market a 5-Seater plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the Vision 200, targeting the Indian market.

The Kiira Motors initiative dates back to 2007 when a team of students and staff at Makerere University were invited to be part of an international consortium, the Vehicle Design Summit 2.0 (VDS 2.0). Inspired by the key challenges perceived as opportunities in the 21st Century, a group of motivated researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) founded VDS with the ultimate aim of developing environmentally friendly commuter transport solutions. The goal of the VDS 2.0 global consortium was to design, build and bring to market, the Vision 200 a hyper efficient five passenger vehicle, earmarked as a production vehicle for the developing countries starting with India. Makerere University, the only participant from Africa was responsible for the design and integration of the Low Power Electronics and Data Networking Systems. The Vision 200 was completed and displayed at the Dream Exposition, at the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile, Turin, from 22nd September until 24th November, 2008.

The exposure gained from the participation in the VDS 2.0 and the prospect of changing the status quo of the Ugandan automotive industry energized the creation of the Centre for Research in Transportation Technologies (CRTT) at Makerere University in 2009. The main aim of the CRTT was to champion research and development of eco–friendly transport solutions for Africa. The Kiira Electric Vehicle Project was also commissioned to build Uganda’s first car the, Kiira EV, completed and launched in November 2011 by H.E. the President of the Republic of Uganda, Gen. Yoweri K. Museveni. Kiira EV was completed with support from the government of Uganda for Innovation Projects at Makerere University.

The Kiira Vehicle Technology Innovation Program has designed and built three concept vehicles, the “Kiira EV”, Africa’s first electric vehicle, the “Kiira EV SMACK”, Africa’s first hybrid electric vehicle and the Kayoola Solar Bus, Africa’s first solar electric bus. Kiira Motors Corporation is the proud recipient of the 2016 Frost and Sullivan Visionary Innovation Leadership award in Sustainable Mobility.




The KIIRA EV SMACK is a 5-seater front-wheel drive sedan with a traction motor powered by a rechargeable battery bank and an internal combustion engine-based generator. It is the first Electric Hybrid Vehicle designed and built in Africa. This configuration of two power sources ensures an unlimited range and increases the efficiency of the powertrain, hence enhancing fuel economy. This innovative and iterative development programme was envisaged to realize KMC’s systems and requisite competences for the relevant and beneficial institutionalization of an
automotive industry in Uganda. The vision of KMC represents the commitment of Uganda to develop indigenous solutions to her essential needs as well as being a fountain of the heritage of the Pearl of Africa.



The Kiira EV is Africa’s first electric vehicle. It employs a simple battery electric vehicle powertrain consisting of an Energy storage bank, energy converter and an electric motor. It is powered by electricity which is stored in the battery bank through repetitive charging. The battery system of the Kiira EV consists of 4 battery banks of 64 lithium ion cells connected in series. The banking ensures energy system modularity for effective battery monitoring, safety, increased reliability and maintenance. The battery bank capacity of 40AH and 207V is engineered to achieve an inter-charge distance 80km.


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