Bufori Motor Car Company Pty. Ltd.

Bufori Motor Car Company Pty. Ltd.

Bufori Motor Car Company Pty. Ltd.


Garrie Cooper

Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Bufori is a brand of hand-built automobiles inspired by American 1930s coupes. The company is owned by three Australian Lebanese brothers Anthony, George and Gerry Khouri. In 1986, Gerry Khouri began to build three special sports cars in his garage, one each for the three brothers, which led to the formation of the company. The name Bufori is an acronym that stands for B – Beautiful, U – Unique, F – Funtastic, O – Original, R – Romantic, I – Irresistible. The Bufori Motor Car Company Pty. Ltd. is a proprietary company limited by shares and registered in Australia, as is the Bufori Motor Car Company (M) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia. Originally, all of the manufacturing and sales operations were conducted in Australia, but in 1998 full production moved to new facilities in Kepong, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia.

The production facility in Kuala Lumpur has an installed capacity of 300 vehicles per year, and the company employs 108 skilled craftsmen. Each unit is built by hand using traditional techniques in a 25-step production process. The body of a Bufori is made out of carbon fibre and Kevlar composite material, which is light and ultra-strong. Every Bufori is made to order and can be customised according to the owner's wishes.



George Bernard Shaw once said, "Some people see things as they are, and say, "Why?" I dream of things that never were and say, "Why not?" One day in 1986, Gerry Khouri, the younger brother of Anthony and George, thought why not try something that most people only dreamed of trying. He started to work on realising his dream by building a car on his own. Gerry wanted the car to embody the elements of class, elegance and fun. The first BUFORI was completed in Gerry's own garage in late 1986. Seeing the beautiful result and the immense public attention this car immediately attracted, the family decided that it would continue with this project and provide the financial support and infrastructure for Gerry to produce two more of these very special sports cars for his two brothers.

The increase in attention from the public towards the BUFORI gave birth to the idea of establishing a manufacturing facility which would produce this very special hand-made sports car. In 1987, a factory was commissioned in the Sydney suburbs of Merrylands near the city of Parramatta where specially selected and highly qualified personnel were employed to begin production. A R&D operation was set up to produce different BUFORI models for production, as well as for the development of new technologies and prototypes of new production models.


Export Opportunities

Bufori quickly began exporting their very special sports cars around the world and winning prestigious export awards for achieving success in what would normally be considered to be 'impossible' circumstances. With the ever-increasing demands of local and export sales during those first ten years of manufacture in Australia, the rapid expansion into four even larger factories became essential. Transfer of Technology to Malaysia In March 1992 at an exhibition in Pulau Langkawi, former Prime Minister of Malaysia YM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed announced that he wanted BUFORI Motor Car Company Pty. Ltd. to move to Malaysia and thus began a journey by placing Malaysia as a producer of high end quality vehicles on the international automotive industry. With a team of brand new work force, Gerry together with his brothers' unceasing support, began producing and delivering the BUFORI MKII, to local and overseas buyers.

Whilst producing the BUFORI MKII, Gerry and his team of talented craftsmen and engineers began development work on a new model, the BUFORI La JOYA. The company has taken a quantum leap from where it started with its first model. The BUFORI La JOYA was designed, developed and produced with the best components and high quality materials and to international standards. This model was also designed and engineered for repeatability and ease of maintenance incorporating new technologies.



Bufori Geneva:

A four-door car defined as a "Luxury Saloon", which was introduced at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show (hence its name). It features a 6.1L Chrysler V8 engine producing 430 hp. The powertrain was later on updated to a 6.4L V8 producing 470 hp. The interior of the car is highly customisable. The rear centre console can accommodate an automatic coffee machine, a Chinese tea set with instant boiling water, a fridge, a cigar humidor or a mini-bar. The rear lounge seats are electrically adjustable and feature heating & cooling as well as a pneumatic massage device. The seatback trays are electrically actuated.


Bufori BMS R1:

The Bufori BMS R1 is the race derivative of the Bufori CS road car that is still to be launched. The car is a joint effort between Bufori Motor Sports (BMS) and Axle Motorsports. The BMS R1 made its global racing debut at the 2009 Macau Grand Prix with Alex Yoong as its driver. The race began with a rolling start, Alex Yoong's Bufori BMS R1 started in 28th position. Right after the start, he began to show the car's potential by passing many cars. At the end of the first racing lap. The safety car left the track and the race is re-started. Just as Alex Yoong is shaping up for another overtaking move, he had an accident at the Reservoir Bend, brushing the barriers with the right rear of his car. A piece of debris from the track got in the car and jammed the throttle, so Alex decided to stop the.


Bufori Motor Cars:



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