Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd., Australia

Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd., Australia

Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd 


Garrie Cooper

Melbourne, Australia


Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd (formerly known as Elfin Sports Car Company) is a car manufacturer company founded by Garrie Cooper. It has been an Australian manufacturer of sports cars and motor racing cars since 1957. Elfin Sports Cars is currently owned by the estate of former British racing driver Tom Walkinshaw, through his company Walkinshaw Performance which also owns Holden Special Vehicles. It was previously owned by businessmen and historic racing enthusiasts Bill Hemming and Nick Kovatch (who remains as technical director) who purchased it in 1998.

Elfin is the oldest continuous sports car maker in Australia and one of the most successful with 29 championships and major Grand Prix titles. The original factory was located at Conmurra Avenue, Edwardstown in suburban Adelaide, South Australia. The company is currently located at Braeside, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.



The company was founded by Garrie Cooper, a successful championship driver and designer and builder of racing and sports-racing cars as Elfin Sports Car Company. In 1983, following the death of its founder, the firm was bought by Tasmanian Don Elliott, racing driver Tony Edmondson and mechanic John Porter who re-established the provision of parts and service to existing owners Cooper died suddenly from a burst aorta, due to the vessel's weakness from medication he was taking to keep his blood thin after a heart valve operation in the mid-1970s, on ANZAC Day (25 April) in 1982, at the age of 46. Cliff Cooper, Garrie's father, completed outstanding orders, including six new generation Formula Vees, before offering the business for sale as well as designing a new Formula Vee, the Crusader, and a Formula Brabham car. In 1993, Victorian Murray Richards acquired Elfin and set out to build a new generation Elfin Clubman called the Type 3. In failing health, he sold Elfin to Bill Hemming and Nick Kovatch in 1998.

Elfin Sports Car Company has produced some of the most highly competitive sports and open-wheeler racing cars of their day, ranging from the 1959 Streamliner, to Formula Vees through to 'big banger' sports cars and the MR9 Formula 5000 of the 1980's. Elfin has won no less than 29 championships and major titles including two Australian Driver's Championships, five Australian Sports Car Championships, four Australian Tourist Trophies and three Formula Ford titles. World Formula One Champion James Hunt raced an Elfin, as did the brilliant French Formula One driver, Didier Pironi. Elfin also took out the Singapore Grand Prix, twice won the Malaysian Grand Prix and also won the Australian Formula Two Championship in 1972 with Larry Perkins in an Elfin 600B. The original Elfin Clubman was designed in 1961 and 14 vehicles were manufactured. For the new Millennium, enter the "New Generation" Elfin Clubman Type 3 and MS8 Clubman and Streamliner models.


Elfin Models:

MS8 Clubman:

MS8 Clubman is the modern incarnation of the original theme which was first conceived by Elfin founder Garrie Cooper in 1961. The open-wheel design and classic body styling immediately takes you to the track where the Clubman’s phenomenal power to weight equation speaks for itself. The drive line is complemented by exceptional chassis dynamics and handling which further cements the Clubman’s race heritage. For either road or track applications, the new generation MS8 Clubman is a purebred sports machine designed to thrill.


MS8 Streamliner:

MS8 Streamliner based on a similar chassis to the Clubman, the sleek Streamliner delivers breathtaking performance while providing creature comforts such as air conditioning and cruise control. The classic ‘Le Mans’ style body features gull-wing doors, sweeping profile, an unmistakable radiator opening and side cutaways that recall Elfin’s golden past. For those who want a classic, hand crafted weekend escape vehicle, the Elfin Streamliner is the ultimate touring sports car.


Elfin Sports Cars



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