Pyeonghwa Motors, South Korea

Pyeonghwa Motors, South Korea

Pyeonghwa Motors


Park Sang-Kwon, CEO and Chairman

Seoul, South Korea


Pyeonghwa Motors, a Korean language word for "peace", also spelled Pyonghwa, is one of the two car manufacturers and dealers in the North Korean automotive industry.Until 2013 It was a joint venture in Nampo between Pyeonghwa Motors of Seoul (South Korea), a company owned by Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, and the North Korean Ryonbong General Corp. The joint venture produced small cars under licence from Fiat and Brilliance China Auto, a pickup truck and an SUV using complete knock down kits from Chinese manufacturer Dandong Shuguang, and a luxury car of Mercedes-Benz/SsangYong design. From 2013 the company has been fully owned by the North Korean state.

Pyeonghwa has the exclusive rights to car production, purchase, and sale of used cars in North Korea. However, most North Koreans are unable to afford a car. Because of the very small market for cars in the country,

Pyeonghwa's output is reportedly very low. In 2003, only 314 cars were produced even though the factory had the facilities to produce up to 10,000 cars a year. Erik van Ingen Schenau, author of the book Automobiles Made in North Korea, has estimated the company's total production in 2005 at not more than around 400 units.



Pyeonghwa Huiparam:

The Huiparam, written in English Hwiparam , is a car series of the North Korean car brand Pyeonghwa and exists since 2002, when this was launched as a single model. Two years later, Pyeonghwa then brought a slightly higher model settled in the model with a. The Huiparam is a middle - class notchback sedan and is produced by the North Korean Pyeonghwa Motor Plant in Fiat license. The production at Pyeonghwa started in 2002 with the Huiparam. As the first modern North Korean car and as a sister model of the world's successful Fiat models Palio and Siena , the company promised a high domestic sales and set the annual production of the model to 10,000 units.


Pyeonghwa Zunma:

The Zunma is a notch back sedan of the upper class and the since 2008. North Korean Pyeonghwa Motors produced. As a result of a three-year collaboration with SsangYong Motor Company , in 2006 the company presented its own variant of SsangYong Chairman H under the name Junjie, which was later taken over by another model. In the Korean spelling, however, both are identical. Initially, the Junjie remained just a concept vehicle, which was to visit the sales pavilion. Only an increasing number of inquiries then finally decided to launch the model in
March 2008 in series production. Here, the model for the Western spelling got a new name and ranked from now on as Zunma in the model range.


Pyeonghwa Ppeokkugi:

Pokkuti is a 2002 declining commercial vehicle series of the North Korean car brand Pyeonghwa. The Ppeokkugi is a leisure activity vehicle of the lower middle class and in December 2002 by the North Korean Pyeonghwa Motors in Fiat - license produced. Sister model is the first generation Fiat Doblo . The model largely corresponds to the European sister model of Fiat. The vehicle parts are from Italian and Brazilian production and are mounted as a CKD kit. The engine used in the Pyeonghwa Ppeokkugi is 4-cylinder gasoline engines with an output of 103 hp and a displacement of 1596 cm³. With the Ppeokkugi Pyeonghwa wants to address primarily large families and traders.



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