PGO Automobiles, France

PGO Automobiles, France

PGO Automobiles



Gilles and Olivier Prevot

Saint Christol les-Ales, France


PGO Automobiles is a French car manufacturer, producing exclusive series' of sports cars. The brand operates in the same special market as Lotus, Wiesmann, Donkervoort and Morgan. Their cars are considered an appropriate solution for connoisseurs seeking individuality and style. The French company was started in 1985 by two avid automobile fans: Prevot Gilles and Olivier whose initials formed the brand name: PGO.

PGO began production by manufacturing replicas but soon moved on to substantiating their own designs into full scale vehicles. The first of these was the Speedster II, this was a two-seater sports car in a retro style but with a modern specification. It was first seen at the 2000 Paris Motor Show. By 2005 51% of the company had been purchased by subsidiaries of the Al Sayer Group, whose financial support allowed increased product research and development and resulted in the Cevennes roadster.



PGO Speedster:

As PGO Speedster two different roadster models of the sports car segment are named. Both are classified as replicas . The first generation of the Speedster, which was built from 1980 to 1998, mimicked the AC Cobra 427 Mk. VI. The second and beyond current generation, however, is modeled after the Porsche 356 No.1. The Speedster is the first vehicle developed by Gilles et Olivier Prevot . PGO presented the model in 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show. It was an outward copy of the AC Cobra 427 Mk. VI. At first glance, the French replica can only be distinguished from
the original by the brand logo. However, if you place both vehicles next to each other, the different external dimensions will immediately catch your eye.


PGO Cevennes:

PGO, based on its Speedster II , released in 2005 the Cevennes. A version of the more modern Speedster II, sportier, less retro, with more enveloping bumpers. At the 2012 Paris Motor Show , PGO presented the restyled Cévennes PGO, with the new 1.6L "Prince" engine; 184 hp PSA / BMW (225 km / h and 175 g of CO2) to replace Peugeot 2L engines 140 hp (215 km / h and 185 g of CO2). A 6-speed gearbox and cruise control accompany the arrival of the new engines. PGO vehicles have been fully modernized, with the arrival of a GPS, a touch screen, a new dashboard, a
new windshieldstraightened and raised for better visibility, new wraparound seats and a new plastic air extractor, bringing PGO into a new, more modern era. The finish has gained in quality. But the weight of the Cevennes increased from 980 kg to 998 kg.


PGO Hemera:

At the 2008 Paris Motor Show , PGO presented a concept car named Hemera based on the Cevennes prefiguring the future coupe of the brand. The brand then has 3 models based on the same chassis: the Speedster II and Cevennes convertibles. In 2009, PGO announces the marketing of its Hemera. This small coupe immediately seduces the specialized press with its look and interior finish. By 2013, PGO announces a new partnership with the Bavarian manufacturer BMW. Indeed, relations with the ex-Peugeot partner became too stormy, it was high time for the car maker to find a new partner.

PSA and BMW respond and offer the delivery of the four-cylinder turbocharged "Prince" of the Mini Cooper Swith 184 horses. This second generation is thus distinguished from the old by a new engine offering more current performance and consumption. Outside, the Hemera is also modified, we see appear more pronounced air intakes and front / rear spoilers more dynamic. 




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