Daihatsu boon Compact Passenger Car

Daihatsu boon Compact Passenger Car

Daihatsu Partially Redesigns the Boon Compact Passenger Car


Daihatsu Boon
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) has partially redesigned the Boon compact passenger car, and will launch the new models nationwide on October 10. Utilizing technologies and knowhow cultivated through its development of mini vehicles, Daihatsu developed the Boon to improve the standard of all mini vehicles and compact cars in its line-up. The first-generation Boon was launched in 2004, with the current, third-generation model being released in April 2016. This round of partial redesign sees the establishment of a new Boon STYLE model that is unique to Daihatsu. Its soft, rounded lines give rise to a cute silhouette, white parts provide its exterior with distinctive accents, while the magenta accents added to the instrument panel and the specially designed three-tone seats create an attractive, charming interior. The Boon STYLE has been added to the existing Boon and Boon CILQ models in the Boon line-up for increased customer choice.

The Boon and Boon CILQ have also received redesign to their interiors and exteriors. While retaining its existing, familiar design, the Boon now boasts an improved sense of quality. The design of the luxury Boon CILQ has been modified to create an even more sophisticated and elegant appearance.

All three Boon models are now available with the Smart Assist III collision avoidance system which recognizes both pedestrians and vehicles as well as front and rear Corner Sensors. They also feature Panorama Monitor for improved safety performance: four cameras relay images of all four sides of the vehicle, and a bird’s eye view is projected onto the navigation screen.

Based on its “Light you up” approach, going forwards Daihatsu will continue to provide optimal mobility to every one of its customers, and cater to their needs via its extended range of mini and compact vehicles


Overview of partial redesign

Redesign to the Boon, Boon CILQ and Boon STYLE

  • All three models are available with the Smart Assist III collision avoidance system. As part of measures to reduce traffic accidents, the Japanese government is promoting the spread of “Safety Support Car S,” and the Boon fulfills the requirements for the “Wide ranking under this system.

  • All three models are equipped with Front and Rear Corner Sensors.

  • All three models are equipped with the Panorama Monitor.

  • All three models feature rear cameras that display steering guide lines.

  • All three models are equipped with left and right rear-seat assist grips.


Redesign to the Boon

The Boon retains its familiar, sensible design, and adds an improved sense of quality

  • With regards to the exterior, the horizontal line of the upper front grille of the Boon is now accented with decorative silver highlights to convey a feeling of compactness, while Metallic Black quarter panels are used on the rear of the vehicle for an improved sense of quality.

  • The interior features darker seat fabrics for an improved sense of quality.

  • The Boon grade system has been overhauled.


Redesign to the Boon CILQ

While maintaining its luxury appearance, the Boon CILQ has evolved a more sophisticated and elegant design

  • The exterior of the Boon CILQ now features a large-scale front grille, while both sides of the front and rear bumpers are fitted with L-shaped bezels for an increased feeling of stability and security. The front grille is edged with silver paint to create a more elegant appearance, and the rear quarter panels are painted Metallic Black for an improved sense of quality.

  • The interior of the Boon CILQ now features a Piano Black instrument panel with copper highlights; copper accents have also been added to the seats, giving rise to a relaxed interior atmosphere.

  • The Boon CILQ is now available in new Brillian Copper Crystal Mica (Monotone and Black Mica Metallic Two-Tone), Pearl White III, and Black Mica Metallic Two-Tone body colors.

  • A new “Dress Up Pack” has been created for customers desiring even greater luxury.


Standard specifications:

15-inch aluminum wheels, LED fog lamps (with illumination lighting), Genuine leather instrument panel center shift (with silver decorations), Faux leather x fabric seat covers (with Warm Grey stitching), The Boon CILQ grade system has been overhauled.


The Boon Style

With soft, rounded lines forming a distinctive and cute silhouette, the new Boon STYLE model is unique to Daihatsu

  • The Boon STYLE’s exterior utilizes a specially designed front grille that has been highlighted with a white grille garnish and fog bezels. The rear of the vehicles sports special bumpers and round white bezels that give rise to a timeless, charming appearance. The model also features a special “STYLE” emblem.

  • The Boon STYLE’s interior features an instrument panel with Magenta accents, while unique, three-color faux-suede seats contribute to an attractive and charming interior space.

  • The Boon STYLE is available in new Juicy Pink Metallic (Monotone and White Two-Tone), and Powdery Beige Metallic x White Two-Tone body colors.

  • A new “STYLE Up Pack” manufacturer option has been established specifically for the Boon STYLE.

Standard specifications:

14-inch aluminum wheels, LED fog lamps, Plated inner door handles, Plated shift lever buttons, Super Ultraviolet & Infrared Ray Reducing Glass (on the front doors), Super Ultraviolet Ray Reducing Smoked Glass (on the rear doors and rear quarters).



 Source: https://www.daihatsu.com/news/2018/20181010-2.pdf

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