British Virgin Island Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

British Virgin Island Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in British Virgin Island


Year Restrictions
No Age Limit
Destination Port
Time of Shipment
RoRo (7-9 weeks)
Vessel Schedule
RoRo (Weekly)
Shipping Line
No Inspection Required


Shipping Port

The common port is Purcell for importation of used vehicles from Japan.

Age Restrictions

No age restriction on importation of used vehicle.

Road Inspection Test

No vehicle road inspection test is required for importing a used car into British Virgin Islands. 

Left Hand Drive Vehicles

The steering wheel of most vehicles is positioned on the left-hand side of the vehicle. Driving on the left side of the road is allowed in the country.


The British Virgin Islands, part of a volcanic archipelago in the Caribbean, is a British overseas territory. It is very beautiful but also consists of extremely mountainous terrain which can be difficult to navigate without a reliable vehicle.

It is also very inconvenient to attempt to live on the island with no mode of transportation, as the public transit system is not the most reliable and taxis can be expensive. Buying a new vehicle can cost you very pricey, but if you choose to import a used vehicle it is much affordable. 


Documents Required

  • Title & Registration Certificate

  • Pro Forma Invoice

  • Certificate of conformity.

  • VIN number

  • EPA form (if necessary)

(Other documents might be included)


Importing a Vehicle

You are required to register a vehicle if importing a vehicle into the territory:

  • Step 1

Customer wishing to import have to fills out vehicle registration form.


  • Step 2

Then submits form to Licensing Officer. The officer verifies vehicle's weight.


  • Step 3

You also need to submit Registration form and proof of ownership of the vehicle to the cashier and registers their License Plates.


  • Step 4

Registration fee is collected by cashier and a receipt is given to the customer. A one time fee of $10 is required for the registration and a fee of $25 if License Plates are needed.


  • Step 5

A copy of the registration form is given to the customer.


  • Step 6

A fee is charged based on the curbed weight of your vehicle. Enquire to the accounts officer for the fee associated with your vehicle.


  • Step 7

After registration, licensing of the vehicle is the next process.


  • Delivery

A copy of the Registration Form and Receipt.


Taxes (Duty Fees) on Imports

The basic duty taxes for bringing goods into the British Virgin Islands range from 5% to 20% when importing these items


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