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Automobile Council

Automobile Council, Tokyo


The Automobile Council brings classic and modern together in Tokyo. One of the few classic car shows in Japan, the Automobile Council is slowly building a reputation as the go-to show to buy and sell classic car, ogle at the latest and greatest, and get away from the summer heat. Heritage car dealers exhibiting at Automobile Council 2018 will sell recommended cars to individuals by bidding method. Those who wish to purchase will purchase AC Bidders participation ticket. Fill in the desired purchase price on the bid form and post in to the AC Bidders BOX in the event zone! Through two bids and open, we will offer you the opportunity to purchase participants who presented the highest price.

AC Bidders 

AC Bidders (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") is a service that provides opportunities for trading vehicles between used car dealers and individual customers through a bidding method. This service is merely to provide opportunities for both parties to conclude contracts on used items through direct negotiations between used car dealers and customers. Moreover, it does not guarantee the contract conclusion. A used car dealer and a contract for selling and buying a vehicle between customers are established when the intentions of both parties concerning the transaction conditions are met. Customer should carefully confirm the terms and conditions of the vehicle sale and purchase presented by the second hand car dealer and make judgment as to whether or not to conduct the transaction by the customer himself. Used car dealerships and customers are responsible for all matters concerning vehicle sales based on contracts established with the use of this service. The Committee shall have no responsibility, right or authority as a contracting party with respect to such agreement, and will not bear any responsibility for such contract.


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