Bangkok International Motor Show

Bangkok International Motor Show

Bangkok International Motor Show


The Bangkok International Motor Show is still held at the Amphur Garden until the 18th. "Dr. Pramin Eamloma" looks at the growing concern about the place. The year is getting smaller. The growth of automotive technology And the number of visitors from 100,000 to millions. The idea is to relocate the place, so it happens again. Because of this, the 19th event was moved from Amporn Park. 30,800 square meters of exhibition area at BITEC Bangna. And suitable for the world motor show. Legend of the Bangkok. The International Motor Show with "Amporn Park" has just ended with the 18th event in 1997, and since the 19 th is the entry into the second stage of the motor show. Experience the success of the Grand Prix magazine.

The most famous Dr. Pajin Eamlomae "held the first motor show under the name of MOTOR SHOW '79, occupying only 16,200 square meters area. Thailand Motor Show on April 2-6, 1979 with the grace of God. Crown Prince The Crown Prince opened the event, which was then collected income from the door pass, the price of 3 baht, the "Duang Prateep Foundation" The first "Dr. Prachinin" saw the path of success. The car was welcomed by the car

company and the Thais. The second event must be held at the Amporn Park. The space that can make a global image of the motor show. The most important thing is to receive the grace of God. Crown Prince The crown prince granted royal permission to bring the car to the throne to convert the millions to millions of people who attended the event was appreciated throughout the event. From November 12-16, 1980, and more interesting. The car is the best technology from the company to show off. It is open to the motor show to this day. After that, the motor show. The Amphur Garden is the venue for the event. With the increase from 5 days to 7 days in the 4th, including the introduction of the prototype car or Concept Car, which is a development of the future technology to show off. And that is also the interest of the audience. The new models of each company are not less tolerant.

The event was renamed the Bangkok Motor Show with the support of Tourism Authority of Thailand. The Royal Thai Air Force Association under Royal Patronage And for universal. I have added the word. International This is the complete of the motor show at the world's largest Bangkok International Motor Show, the only motor show in Thailand at the 17th. Of course, the job is changing in an increasingly international direction every year. Whether it is the atmosphere of the event. The boat show park in the pool in front of the building. Or display of car stereo. The rally is a tradition of the work. And also the hero of the car is the prototype and new cars that each company selected to show each other and not to give up motorcycle camp.

The new generation of technology. It was presented. The development of the event grows coupled with the advancement of automotive technology. Car and motorcycle The motor show in Thailand is widely spoken both in Thailand and abroad. This year, the organizers have organized a Miss Motor Show. The opportunity for beautiful girls who have the ability to enter. To promote the event throughout the duration of the event. There are also many activities in the area. 


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