Japan Vehicle Inspection Association

Japan Vehicle Inspection Association

Japan Vehicle Inspection Association (VIA)


Tokyo, Japan
Takatoshi Hosoya


Japan Vehicle Inspection Association is a neutral and public organization aiming for improving the consumer safety and environment through providing the test and inspection services on vehicle emission, bicycles, helmets, etc. The Japan Vehicle Inspection Association is a neutral test and inspection institution that conducts safety tests on bicycles, helmets, etc.,

and tests on automobile exhaust gas. In addition, it carries out bicycle engineer's examination and JIS certification work. Through such tests and inspections, we are contributing to the improvement of consumer safety and the environment.

Japan Vehicle Inspection Association has provided testing service for automobiles and bicycles, and inspection service for goods based on Consumer Product Safety Act. VIA has also put a certification examination of "bicycle technician" into effect for those engaged in assembly, inspection and maintenance of bicycles. Since fiscal year 2005, the number of the bicycle technician certified by VIA reaches about 26,000 as of FY2016. Furthermore, as a registered certification body based on Industrial Standardization Act, VIA has carried out the certificate business for JIS mark display on bicycles.

VIA has made efforts to improve consumers’ safety and environment through implementing test and inspection business for automobiles, bicycles, etc. and related business. Products will diversify with progress of globalization, change of consumers’ demand, and development of technology. And safety standards and environmental standards will also be changed. In this connection, VIA will respond to such environmental change and also make an effort toward implementation of test and inspection as a neutral and fair organization. VIA would appreciate it if you would support us and offer cooperation to us continuously.


Japan Vehicle Inspection Association

  • 7-26-28, Toshima, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 114-0003, Japan

  • +81-3-3912-2361

  • +81-3-3912-2208


How to Access-Tokyo Inspection Office:

  • Train/Toei Bus: From "JR Oji Ekimae" to the Tokyo bus "Nitta 1 chome" Get off at "Toyoshima 7 chome" or "Toshima Nanchome Minami" at <king 41> or <king 55> 3 minutes on foot.
    You can go back to "Nitta Bridge" Toshima 7-chome south "bus stop to" Oji station "to" Oji station Ekimae.

  • "Train / Taxi: About 10 minutes by taxi from JR Oji station.

  • Train/Walk: Get off at Tokyo Metro Namboku Line "Oji Kamiya Station" 15 minutes on foot. from exit.


Outline of Business :

VIA conducts a variety of business such as four-wheeled and two-wheeled automobile exhaust gas and noise test, safety tests of bicycles and helmets, bicycle technician certifying examination, and JIS mark certificate service.


1) Automobile exhaust gas and noise test organization listed in NALTEC: National Agency for Automobile and Land Transport Technology.

2) Accredited testing laboratory by AMECA: Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc. in the USA.

3) Bicycle technician examination under the auspices of METI: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

4) Registered certification body for JIS mark certificate.

5) Accredited testing laboratory (Osaka Testing Laboratory) under JNLA: Japan National Laboratory Accreditation system.


Main Test and Inspection Business:

Environment and Automobile related Test and Inspection

  • Automobile exhaust gas test

  • Automobile noise test

  • Strength test for remodeled automobiles

  • Test of lamps for automobiles and bicycles

  • Test of safety glasses for automobiles

  • Test of wheels made of light alloy for automobiles

  • Automobile exhaust gas research commissioned by local governments


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