Jamaica Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Jamaica Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Jamaica


Year Restrictions
Max. 5 Years Old
Destination Port
Time of Shipment
RoRo (24-34 Days)
Vessel Schedule
RoRo (Monthly)
Shipping Line
Not Required


Shipping Port:

The most recommended port for shipments arriving to Jamaica from Japan is Kingston.


Age limit on importation of motor vehicles:

According to new age limit for the importation of used vehicles

  • Cars imported should not be more than 5 years old.
  • Pickups should not be more than 6 years.
  • Trucks, Trailers and other heavy duty equipments can be 10 years old.
  • Special purpose vehicles such as Ambulance, Fire Brigade, and Town cars, vehicles modified for physically challenged people should not be more than 10 years of age.


Right-Hand Drive vehicles:

Import of right-hand drive vehicle is allowed in Jamaica.


Documents required for importing vehicle:

  • Import license issued by the Trade Board Limited, which authorizes the importation of the motor vehicle.
  • Title: The document issued by the Government of the country where the vehicle was purchased, to the owner of the vehicle.
  • Two identification proof such as Passport, Driver's license, Nation Identification.
  • Bill of Lading :- It should contain necessary information about the vehicle, date of landing and the port of entry.
  • Invoice :- An invoice from the supplier is necessary for all vehicles importation.
  • Bill of Sight :- It contains details regarding the imported motor vehicle. It is a Customs certified document, prepared and signed by the dealer.
  • Tax Compliance :- It will be issued by Tax Administration Certificate Services Department.
  • Odometer inspection statement.
  • Import Entry (C87):- This import document should be presented to Customs by the broker and should contain all the details involving the vehicle, importer name, shipping information and the responsibilities.
  • Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) :- A nine digit unique identification number obtained from Revenue Board.
  • Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) :- A document obtained from Revenue Board as a proof that certifies that payments Certificate of tax liabilities and wage-related statutory deductions are up-to-date


Import Duties and Taxes:

  • Import duty 10-40%, vary depending upon the commodity being imported.
  • General Consumption Tax (GCT) :- It is applicable on all items except for Zero-rated and Exempted items. Current Rates: 17.5% on used vehicles.
  • Special Consumption Tax (SCT) :- It is applicable to only some petroleum products. SCT rates vary depending on the item.
  • Common External Tariff (CET) :- The rate of CET varies depending on the vehicle being imported. Current CET: 20% on Cars and Pick-ups whereas for Trucks, Vans and Buses CET is 10%.
  • Environmental Levy (ENVL) :- This will be applicable on all items that will have an impact on the environment. The rate for ENVL is 0.5% and is calculated on CIF value.


To drive the vehicle on the road:

For registering the vehicle, Certificate of Fitness with the Import Entry documentation is required. The documents should be taken to the Revenue Service Center/ Tax Collectorate to register the vehicle and other purpose.


Other relevant Information:

  • Every three years, Jamaica's residents or returning Individuals can import up to two motor vehicles; one motorcar and one light commercial vehicle or any two light commercial vehicles.
  • Proof of immigration status such as a Work Permit must be shown by Non-Jamaicans.
  • Returning residents may import an older car, if they have owned the vehicle for at least 6 months and approved by the Trade Board.
  • A warranty of 90 days is required if buyer want to sell the used vehicle.


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