Nagoya Motor Show

Nagoya Motor Show

Nagoya Motor Show


The Nagoya Motor Show, the largest automobile event in the Chubu area, has been held every other year since holding the first event in 1979, and this time it will be the 20th time. At the Nagoya Motor Show, we will cooperate with local municipalities and manufacturers to simultaneously hold "Aichi ITS World", which proposes relationships with "cars", "humans" and "society", as well as the latest commercial vehicles, bikes, safe driving support systems, We will host many experiential events such as test drive for automatic driving. This time is also the 20th milestone, we will also prepare memorial projects, we will enrich the quality and contents even more than last time, we will endeavor to mobilize a wide range of people from high school students and other youth to families. In addition to showcasing the latest models of vehicles and motorcycles, it will feature
auto-driving safety and test drive devices. National and imported vehicles, 2 and 4 wheels, will be displayed to the public. For those who could not go to Tokyo to visit one of the largest in the world, the Nago auto show is an opportunity. It is an event that gathers from the young to the elderly, with the presence of families from the Chubu region.


Transport Access: 

Subway + City Bus:

  • From Nagoya station take the subway Higashiyama line "Sakae", get off the metro line "Tsukiji entrance" or "Nagoya port" City bus Get off at "Port Messe 1 Building" or "Port Messe Nagoya" It takes about 40 minutes.
  • From Kanayama general station Get off at the Tsukiji entrance "Tsukiji entrance" or "Nagoya port" Take the city bus from "Port Messe No.1 building" or "Port Messe Nagoya" It takes about 30 minutes to get off.

By Car:

  • About 35 minutes from JR Nagoya Station .
  • About 60 minutes from Tomei Expressway and Nagoya Inter.


Nagoya Motor Show Highlights


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