Nasu Classic Car Museum

Nasu Classic Car Museum

Nasu Classic Car Museum


The Nasu Classic Car Museum exhibits 30 classic cards and 10 motorcycles in a large building reminiscent of a jumbo jet hangar.

The museum also has classic cars which visitors can actually touch and ride, making it very popular.

In addition, the museum shows a variety of racing grand prix, including classic cars, on the large screen inside the museum.

A variety of exhibits celebrating classic cars are on display in the museum shop, event hall and art gallery and sales of imported goods are carried out, making this a museum much loved by its fan. 

Seichi Watanabe's small but colorful collection, which includes a 1901 De Dion Bouton, a 1910 Fuller and the record-breaking 1930 MG EX120, an eclectic bunch of US power machines (Corvette, Mustang, Buick convertible, Hudson coupe), red European sports models (Ferrari Dino 264GT, Alfa Romeo 2000 Spyder, Porsche 356B roadster, Jaguar E-Type, Daimler SP250

roadster) and examples of practical transport (Holden, Morris Minor, Fiat 500, Citroen 2CV).


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