Nissan Engine Museum

Nissan Engine Museum

Nissan Engine Museum


The guest hall was originally built in 1934, a year after Nissan Motors was founded. Then, it was the 1st building of the main office.

After renovation, in 2002, the building was designated as a heritage building by Yokohama City.

The building has also been designated as a heritage of industrial modernization in 2007 by the Ministry of Trade, Economics, and Industry. On display in the museum are new engines, miniature cars, and explanations on the mechanism in addition to industrial robots used in the factories. The same robots perform a drawing demonstration in the museum as well.

The Nissan Engine Museum displays 28 units of engines since their first type 7 engine produced in 1935. Nissan Yokohama Plant is the base for development and production of engine. It also manufactures suspensions and motors for EVs and hybrid cars. In the factory tour, visitors can see the 

production line of "MR type engine". Nissan engine museum exhibits successive engines and 28 other engines that showed great performance in races. In 1933, Nissan Motor was founded in Yokohama as an automobile manufacturing company with an integrated manufacturing factory from automobile parts to final assembly. It was the first mass production factory in Japan. Today, in all three districts with about 540,000 square meters, we introduced the Alliance Production System (APW) to efficiently produce high quality products on a step-by-step basis, and the engine, motor and suspension We produce the most important parts of automobiles as parts. The museum space is actually the original factory and offices built by Nissan in the 1930s. It was used as office space well into the 1970s, but now serves only an education purpose. The building behind it, however, still produces one model of Nissan vehicle, and the museum does showcase a few current model vehicles and two classic vehicles. But that’s not really what the space is for. However, on the second floor, you will find two other parts of the museum the history of Nissan and carefully labeled and cased toy cars in display after display after display.


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