Japan Autoparts Wholesalers Association

Japan Autoparts Wholesalers Association

All Japan Auto Parts Wholesale and Cooperative Association (JAPWCA)


Tokyo, Japan


The All Japan Auto Parts Wholesale and Cooperative Association (abbreviation: All-Japan Cooperative Association) provides automobile repair parts and related goods to approximately 72,000 nationwide independent repair shops, gasoline stations, shipping companies such as hire, taxi, bus, It is the only nationwide organization established by a wholesaler (regional parts trader) of automobile parts that supplies and sells in prefecture regions, and it is the only national organization established as a

member, promoting economic activities of members and securing automobile users' safe driving it aims to contribute. The purpose of this association is to promote the voluntary economic activities of the partners by carrying out necessary joint projects for the partners based on the spirit of mutual assistance of the partners and to improve the economic status it is aimed at drawing.


All Japan Auto Parts Wholesale and Cooperative Association

  • Kyowa Building 5F 7-12-13 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005

  • +81-3-5830-2566

  • +81-3-5830-2567


Declaration of establishment of All Japan Auto Parts Wholesale and Commercial Cooperative:

From the dawn of motorization, from the dawn of motorization, our regional auto parts suppliers (hereinafter referred to as "parts suppliers") will support the maintenance operators from the side through smooth parts supply in each region, thereby improving the safety, comfort and comfort of automobile users we have supported. 

However, along with the trend of the times, the environment surrounding automobiles has changed drastically. Automobile manufacturers called "second genuine" to sell superior parts, the revision of the vehicle law greatly reexamined the car inspection system, intensified price competition due to deflation after the collapse of the bubble, direct sales of parts by parts sales, The business environment of parts suppliers has become increasingly severe, such as users' enclosure by dealers led by manufacturers. The delay in responding to technological innovation in the automobile field that goes on year by year is also a big issue. Furthermore, in recent years, contracts under unilateral conditions from automobile manufacturers with various reasons put pressure on the management of parts merchants. 

There are many things that are forgotten in the wave of price reduction of automobile inspection. It is a truly meaningful environment-friendly maintenance for securing vehicle safety through maintenance and prolonging vehicle life. By not performing proper maintenance, it seems that serious problems are progressing in invisible places. In all of these business environments, we have been established with the aim of contributing to the realization of a safe car society through parts supply so that automobile users can drive cars with peace of mind. To that end, it is not waiting for the necessity to have the development and stability of the management of the regional parts business as a partner.


What all the cooperatives aim for is the following.

1. Improve social status of regional auto parts suppliers.

2. Realization of fair trading environment.

3. Procure high-quality parts at a reasonable price.

4. A smooth interaction with other automobile aftermarket industry.

5. Learning research enlightenment information provision for new technology.

6. Improvement and stability of union members' management.

7. Improvement of qualities of partner employees.


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